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), the signs of Amy Rose also is known as the hammer of love gun. It is a large red and yellow, hammer Amy fight with fists, better than the weapons used, movements and perform special techniques. The Piko Piko hammer was originally based on the popular toy Japanese of the same name. The expression of Piko Piko is an onomatopoeia for this known hammers (which is also in some games to hear if Amy is attacking). Piko Piko hammer made his first appearance in Sonic the fighters, including Amy used, as part of their fight moves. He received the hammer as weapon to strengthen her tomboy character (note that this also the reason why she is a playable character in the game). So they first step. For the most part, the Piko Piko hammer design resembles a hammer or a hammer. Originally, the Piko Piko hammer had a central Red head with extreme yellow mild and sticky grip rose each.  Sonic Adventure Piko hammer received an update of the design, flat solid Piko a large head in the form of a red cylinder with high rectangular areas in the middle part of the head, the ends and yellow included a Brown head handle. Sonic Adventure the Piko has retained a Piko hammer design relatively uniform, although high rectangular areas in the section have been removed half of the head and the courts was flat at the ends. Its main design in Sonic Adventure, but since then appeared in some games. Also in Sonic Adventure 2: battle and Sonic Heroes, hammerhead Piko Piko has the color scheme opposite to red with yellow Center ends with a Red Centre. Piko Piko hammer size varies. In the majority of cases of the Piko Piko hammer is slightly larger than the head of Amy, while playing in another, how much larger in Sonic & Sega all-stars racing can be where Piko Piko hammer is much bigger than the pink convertible, if Amy is used in relation to the movement of the stars. Despite his innocent and colorful appearance is hammer Piko Piko a melee very powerful weapon, it is strong enough to break ever again through the metal and still quite sufficient for in a variety of movements of high speed used. Same powerful sonic characters are full of terror, when Amy with the Piko Piko hammer, threatening, referring to the amount of brands and the danger of this weapon in the hands of Amy. If not used, Amy Piko Piko hammer hidden in a place that it remains unknown until today, but you may need at any time from any place when. The Piko Piko hammer is mainly used to control the melee by Amy or use them far and more late to defeat the enemies or destroy them with a devastating blow of downward force. It is also an essential element of their attack techniques hammer and other combat moves. PIKO Piko hammer in the back, can convert a tall, Amy, that reduces everything in its path and could even cause turbulence and send opponents flying. When Amy falls hard enough on Earth, the Piko Piko hammer can generate huge shock waves. Hors de combat, the Piko used by Amy Piko hammer, to perfect their movements. Touching the ground, Amy gives high jumps extras and Piko Piko hammer while turning like a propeller, can briefly to float in the air. In some of the dogs can play Springs, to hammer golf swing monster hunter find a bit of the catapult. When one is Amy not directly able to sow fear, strength and anger in other use with her Piko Piko hammer. Unleash the Piko Piko hammer in sonic boom as the main weapon of Amy Rose, where, which means the Piko hammer. In this environment, it seems that the definition of Sonic Adventure, where the large end, slices of pink, a leather belt and a combination of pink and yellow. Amy brings much more than his counterpart game, combines the agility that its hard hit moves competition Piko hammer and grace that for maximum efficiency and can be effectively used as a hook and a ball. Piko Piko hammer modern traditional games 3D model differs from modernity in comics, cartoons, and some previous games, spin off shows. .